1. jp

    lame comix by moi

    I was bored, and so I made these, a few comix, Enjoy, and Hopefull I recieve some usefull C&C ;) (I found out I should have add a border around the comix, oh well >_<) And the last one is weird, not sure if you guys know what "wicca" is, but its a religion, and its...
  2. jp

    Musicvideo by moi

    This is a re-make of the first one I ever made, to bad I lost that first one and the others due to a computer crash. :( But luckily I had this one, but it was 100!!! mb's, way to big for people to download me thinks, so I turned it into 20 MB's, and I finally found a file hosting site...
  3. G

    Models in alpha2

    Hello i'am french and i speak a little english !!! I don't see all of the model in 2.0 !!! is it normal ??? And what is the avancement of the beta ??? Can someone please help me !!! in french if he can or in english !! Thanks at all team and at you
  4. S

    Free Tutorial Written By Moi

    Hey guys, Me and my friend just finished writing a tutorial. I made it up he just wrote it for me. Here it is, Enjoy! Oh and before I forget, Thanks to Ryoko and [SAS]Orion for hosting this for me :) <-- This is the tut...