mods or admins

  1. KidMan

    Thank you Mods/Admins

    I would like to say Thank you to all the Mods and Admins on the ESF forums. You guys have to deal with a bunch of crap that goes on around here and you guys handle things very nicely. I am sorry that not everyone on the forums can be mature which makes you guys babysitters but still, without you...
  2. X

    Is it just me? (Question for Mods/Admins)

    When I try to enter the URL for a new avatar that I want to use. It never replaces the one I have... instead it just like reloads the current page that im at and displays that I have this same avatar.
  3. X

    A message to teh Mods/Admins

    To those who dont remember on mIRC... a While back I wanted to change my name but I haven't thought 'bout 100%. But now im sure... So, can one of you kind mods (/me looks at deverz)... Change my name to "Dark Matter"? Unless anyone out there wants to help me out here :x I suck at naming...