1. R

    Modles request

    hi can anyone create a choa-zu / king piccolo model?
  2. D

    MOdles?????? now i have EVM and they dont have ss4 on it did that guy just use modles that he found?
  3. I

    Need Help putign sprites,modles

    I right click on esf then find target then click on steamapps them my username then halflife then esf then click on modles then player then gohan and i put mdole but it dosent work then i change it name and it didnt work can you plz help me if you have msn better than you can take contral of my...
  4. F

    some new modles for esf mabey

    i would like some modles for esf like brolli,bebi vegiets and mabey for the charactors to have 3 trans formations ..for example ss3 goku . it would also be cool if you put fusions on the team battles! that would be awsome! :fight:
  5. B

    Making a Website for Esf modles, sprites, sounds, ect

    Making a new esf website for all of those stuff. If you want me to host them for you, just e-mail me the model ( [email protected] ), sound, or sprite file, and a quality pic of it. I guess this can go under models because i can host them for you. Then new url for it will be...
  6. M

    I need these modles pleaseee

    Where is the resquest page I need these models Goku ssj2 Goku ssj3 Broli Pan Cooler Vegita ssj2 Vegita ssj3 Gogetta Vegetto Bots Please tell me where I put these downloads in. For ex. Gukussj3 in goku ssj. Since there is not a folder to put broli, pan and cooler, so Please...
  7. M

    Floatting modles

    ive made maps for other hl mods but i seem to have one big some probs with ESF once i have made the map and its finished compling the player seems to be Floatting about a 2 foot of the ground?why? you can run around, fly and do every thing else but when on the ground i seem the float on it...
  8. Y

    Starting Modles Off ???

    I Wanna Build A Modle And i saw a Tutorial yesterday and read it all, but it had a image in the background were u set up the Vertex and join em, ive managed to mess about like, but i wanna know is there any were i can get some images to set my models off ???the image i saw was wiv soem femal...
  9. E

    Makin modles

    i need a programme to make Esf models but i cant find one. Help i need one
  10. G

    Buu's Always Rising PL

    Just a reminder, when your Buu and you get a person into the food selecton screen keep it on them, because your power level still rises as you still suck energy from the enemy. And when you run out of energy charge up, still at the food screen, and suck more energy. Then when they run out of...
  11. Virtigo Seven

    How can I make modles and skins?

    How can I make modles and skins?
  12. B

    new Modles

    Hay if any one has a good idea for DBZ Skins its me...i dont have the time to make any but if any one has any at all.... like Brolly,perfict cell,ssj3s,or even some of the fusions like Gojita,or Vegito, maybe even gotenks,if any one has any of them plese e mail me at [email protected]