1. C

    need help from modlers and coders who dont help with a mod

    ok i want to make esf playable with hl story so i need modler for making the esf models a litlle biger and a coder for making a cashed .... sound i do and the other models im gooing to do to unless the modelers want to do that 2 :talk: ok who wants ?? pm me then or [email protected]! and first put ure...
  2. U

    Questions to adv. modlers

    hi there i'm quite new to modeling with milkshape i know all basics but my models kinda don't very deatailed that's why i wanted to ask: 1. how do you get your refrence pics/ how much are needed? 2. how do you create your model do you use spheres cylinders etc or do you mainly use vertexes...
  3. Gama

    This Is Not Asking For Modlers :D

    This Is Not Asking For Modler or Skin My E-mail: [email protected] My Sig Is Not To Big In Size:)
  4. B

    need modlers and skiners.

    Hi... listen i am building a mod to esf i need 3 modelers and 2 skiners if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq 146481745 and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline 10x brnet
  5. D


    How do I make my model "ONE" file again ? plz tell me!
  6. Z

    need for modlers and mappers ($)

    hy i need some good modlers im making a rpg kind of game with all the dbz poeple in it i need good modlers animators and mappers for q3 ( its on the same engine) (if your models are realy good and so on you wil ofcourse get $ ) anny one up fore the chalenge :rolleyes: p.s you may not...
  7. B

    Need Modlers

    I have Create a Download site and a Esf League! and i need every good modler and news poster and forum admins Somebody will?
  8. Z

    good modlers surch

    are there anny good modlers with spare time ?
  9. Z

    need modlers mappers coders

    hy its me again wel here is an update for about the mod: dragongod went out of the mod we got a great modler kaioshin we got evilgohan in the mod he is a mapper we got marx mapper 2 we got 4 models done : kirby medabee goku normal goku ssj3 link wip and we are stil looking...
  10. Z

    god gundam andother skinners mappers and modlers

    i wanted to ask if some budy had some time to help us pleas do ( espechialy god gundam) we are making a mod called : the legend of zelda: smash time inthe first person you can play the game ocarina of time but then better and in the multy player you can play a sort of smash bros dath match with...
  11. DaKD

    SSJ4-Goku & Vegeta

    Well tonight im gonna begin my SSJ4's and ill have some pics up soon By the way does anyone even want SSJ4's?
  12. D

    Needs a new gohan model\Skin

    I would really like to see gohan cell saga outfit...the model should be with the piccolo thinggy on...and i guess it should be a good model...good modlers out there! HELP THIS GOHANLESS MAN ! Please?:rolleyes: