1. D

    Kid Buu modle

    Kid Buu modle!!!!! hi am trying to make a kid buu and im having some trouble with his waste down can someone find a pitchur for me becuase i cant find a good one i need the side back and front of him if you can help that would be great!o yea and can i have a pitchur with him with his mouth open...
  2. M

    i need the modle testin program + maps

    i would like to get the modle testing program to look at the esf modles i download and i would also like to get alot of maps in this thread to downloads...
  3. B

    modle makers

    Hi i have been interested in modleing i think its pretty damn cool, seeing the things that people can make. I tried to start my own model but i guess i must of tried milkshape befor because i cant save at all :\ It must of been a long time but i was finally getting a little use to milkshape...
  4. B

    Brolly Model

    Hi there guys i have a couple questions. 1. Is there a brolly modle out for beta 1.1? 2. what do you think my sig needs its the first one ive made and im new to photshop. thanks
  5. S

    i reskined a gohan and need help

    hey i need help i cant get my modle will not go to mdl and i dont know how to and it allso give me this no script file can some one help me pls
  6. J


    I was in a modeling-mood and whipped up some quick pants in like 30 mins. The only problem is I dont know which character to make from the pants!!! help me decide :) I think i wanna make an android, maybe 17 or 18, or possibly someone out of dbz :p Oh and people awaiting the sonic im...
  7. S

    Ssj3 Goku!?!?!?!

    Where do i find a very good ssj3 goku model not that one from red saiyan please if u know any other good ssj3 goku models please give me the download link and a pic fo it to if u can please!
  8. S

    ssj4 goku?

    were can i get a good vagetto modle and a ssj4 goku a good one?
  9. S

    making a modle with trans and sounds

    hey i need some help on a ssj 4 goku i need skinner and someone to do the sounds and someone to host the dl and pic of what if already done thanx
  10. Raven Blade

    Re-Skins Pack (WIP)

    If u have been reading some of my other threads u will probably know I am working on a re-release pack of the dbz models in esf, I am workin on Vegeta, Goku and cell at the moment. I will post Cell when I finish his lower half....but this is as far as I have got with Goku and Vegeta
  11. D

    Sketcher needs modle

    Hi everyone. I would like to introduce to you "Nameless Hope" its not traced but i did use a moddle. unfortunately it was a desk top pic...... wish i had a real beutiful woman to modle for me. If any girls read this who Live neer west or waco area... please let me know if you would modle for...
  12. Y

    Whos has yamcha as a modle?

    I haven't seen no models of yamcha does anybody has one or know where i could find one?
  13. RAZIEL


    I was woundering if any one new where i could get a Modle template which i could use in milkshape 3d caus ei can never get the body or facial features right so if any kind people could send or give me a link to a basic model i would verry much appreciate it :)
  14. S

    modle editor

    do anybody know a good model editor there works on esf
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