1. H

    trouble modify in HL

    I'm start a modification of half-life and it seems to be trouble in weapon setting. included ammunition and weapon placing in HUD for example, I was going to remove crowbar from the game and add pistol as the primary weapon. but the trouble is I cant find the source code to rewrite it. so is...
  2. G

    How can i modify players configuration ?

    Hi, I just installed ESF in my lan house and I wanted to modified the players configration : life, attaks, experience required to evolve ect.... In wath field shoud I go to modified it ? Plz anwser me.
  3. D

    new Can Ya help meh ?!?

    yo im a 3D modeller i model for a mod for UT2k3, gundam mod called Gundam World, anywayz i alwayz done mecha and i want to do humanz they are hard lol, im aksing for tuts or any tips guyz can give me. i use max 4 and 5 and skin too. im me at dkreper232323 on aim peace thank u
  4. imported_Da_G


    may be a stupid question(im from nederland so i dont know all the words) but what are credits
  5. U

    Recomplie Models, animation help

    I just got Adobe Photoshop and Milk Shape 3-D, I have decomplied a model, but i can't open it up in Milk Shape, I used the search and read the stickies but i can't find the answer, please help me
  6. Z

    im sorry im sorry im sorry

    i forgot to give crits i thacht i gave m on my site i forgot sorry every one :scared: i hope i didnt ofend anny one with my c17 model and yes its origanaly an trunks in vegetas armer so crits to brollman atleas it think he made it and pro stfu you ****face you cant even model that good if you...
  7. T

    In case anyone interested...

    Im currently working on a ssj3 animation ;) I'll try to post a movie soon, butta im also starting to work on an ssj2 (yes really). Im mainly gonna modify the aura, like add model lightning and some hair fixes no more no less. So that's it my journal starts here past any comments if u like...
  8. S

    Any way to modify pl?

    Does anyone know how you can modify your power level because sometimes I just feel like setting everyones powerlvl to 50 million and having a frag fest lol
  9. Loki

    Another Wallpaper Request

    Yah you all know the drill color preferably BLUE This time I want a Chobits wallpaper, those of you who dont know what it is go buy the manga. Oh one more thing im very picky so you should show me the BG before you modify pictures and stuff. Im kinda pointing towards the style in my sigs just...
  10. E

    Help Borders Please

    I made a sig but i think it will be reall cool with a border anyone tell me how to make 1 cause the modify border thing is plain ugly Edit - Dont know how to take out the white icky stuff
  11. B


    hi again :D I have DECOMPILED SSJ Vegeta now I want to know how I open SSJ Vegeta Plz tell me.
  12. T

    Talking about vegeta look at what i made

    Talking about vegetto look at what i made
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