models or skins

  1. V

    where can i find models/skins for esf

    please help me, im searchng for som sites to download models but´cant find any ;( please give me a link or something :(
  2. O

    how do i create models/skins

    i want 2 now how 2 create models 4 ESF (any version) wat programs do i need to create skins and models and where can i download them from
  3. P

    Best sites for models/skins

    I would like to know what peoples favourite sites are for downloading skins and models for esf. I have visited esf-world and feel as though they do not have that many. Thanks amigo's.
  4. F


    What is a good place that has a good collection of models or skins for these ESF guys, i havent played in a while and i wanna get going again, :yes:
  5. C

    need models/skins PLZ

    can you write some sites for models whos arent at stickis
  6. Goten-son

    Sticky in models/skins and mapping section

    well i see a lot of people posting they need hosts for their models/maps so i was thinking why not make a sticky in the models/skins and mapping sections with a list of hosts and contact info *if you can find it* EXAMPLE Host: Goten-son AIM: XxGoten4evaxX MSN: [email protected] e-mail...
  7. S

    Making Models/Skins

    I'm new to ESF and these forums. I've been interested in game design and character creation for a while now and I was wondering if anyone could post a site where it will teach you how to make skins and such for this and other games. Also, which programs I would need. Thanks a bunch!
  8. S

    help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello evri1 i want to ask jou 4 some links to esf models or skins kod jou help me pleas i want some models good models ok :yes: :yes: :p :p
  9. IceFire2050

    Does anyone have an normal and a ssj Vegetto or Gogeta?

    Does anyone have either a pair of (normal and ssj) vegetto or gogeta models or skins? I searched for it but i didnt find anything