1. D

    Not the usual "When is it going to be done?" thread XD

    Are you guys still looking for programmers/modelers? What else is there to complete, and what do you need to complete it? I'm not going to ask the "When is it done" thing.. I know the answer to that :-P But I would like to know what's necessary, and if we can get a solid answer on...
  2. D

    Need some modelling help ( md3 ) for some project i'm involved in

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if it is possible to rescale a model while it's already animated and rigged. When we put it ingame he seemed to be a giant as you can see on the screenshot. I'd appreciate some tips :) Uploaded with (dont mind the eyes and jaw btw)
  3. Sicron

    Need some help learning modelling in 3DS Max

    Well, basically, we have to create this object for our 3ds Max class. Now, our teacher being a complete moron, has teached us pretty much nothing (And by nothing I mean: he teached us how to open the program, and that's pretty much it.). Now fortune is upon me, for we have a relatively simple...
  4. Damaera

    Forum Competition VII : Modelling Competition

    Welcome to Earth's Special Forces Forum Competition VII (Seven) Boy, we haven't had one of these in a while, have we? I think it's time for a new one :) Do you have any experience with modeling? Now's your chance to show off your skills. Information: You are going to be modeling Android 16...
  5. Kaination

    Kaination's Modelling Thread

    Shut up, I know theres a big ass watermark on it. I used Maya. No need to comment about it, lolar. Well, I worked on this for a bit, it's my first model I've done besides making retarded cubes and what not...
  6. O

    How do i start Modelling?

    Hi all. I am interessed in modelling. and i am asking u people. How do i start? What should i do? what programs do i need? Thanks if u could help. Peace! -Orochimaru12:devil:
  7. D

    Help with character modelling

    I want someone to help me learn to use 3ds max to model characters over MSN. If you would help please add [email protected]. Thanks, Deen. PS: I can model a bit of weapons and things but not characters :\ :scared: :warning:
  8. SA_Gohan

    Speed Modelling

    I'm trying to make an android 18 model I'd like done by tommorow, knowing me though I'll likely slack off in a little while and leave it till next week . . . SO in the interest of forcing myself to finish, I thought I'd make a game out of it and put it out there for all to see. Here's what...
  9. Jugo

    Another modelling program

    I just saw another modelling program, dunno if its good but its free. anyone wanna try it ?
  10. T

    Modelling cellshaded Viewer

    Does any one have a modelling program that lets u viw cell shade models? or if u have lightwave can u tell me how to put the model in the viewwer with cellshded?
  11. A

    Where could i get a modelling program

    Maybe someone can give me a link to the best modelling program?If there are any free ones...
  12. davidhalo

    Modelling Compeition 1 - Zero 26/06 - 16/07

    Modelling Competition 1 - Zero 26/06 - 16/07 Being one of the most beloved and recognized video game characters in the Nintendo universe, Zero, with his cyber sword has seen quite some action in the past few years with his own releases for the Game Boy Advance and the new mega man games but...
  13. Kaination

    Preferred Modelling Programs?

    anyone know a preferred modelling program? like whats best?
  14. frsrblch

    Organic modelling with NURBS

    Does anybody know if this is possible? I use Rhink and it is primarily a NURBS porgram. I know it is better for inorganic stuff, but what about organic? All the models I have seen are meshes, and I know ESF uses meshes. Has anyone here tried to make people with NURBS?
  15. Cold Steel

    The world has gone mad.... i started modelling.

    Allrighty, this is my very first attempt at modelling, so go easy on me. Oh, and I just found out what backfaces are, they suck... so ignore them. Front and Side view.
  16. D


    i wanna start learning how to model and skin and stuff does anyone know where i can get a guide or something
  17. G

    I want to start modelling

    I want to start modelling maby you know some tuts or you can help me by you're self im using 3dsmax plz help someone
  18. L


    Can u guys tell me what program you use to make the models and where to download it.
  19. Amayirot Akago

    Milkshape 3D modelling - HELP!!

    I decided to practice modelling today, so I got MilkShape 3D and tried making a guitar for practice. I took a screenshot from FLCL as a ref, put down vertexes and faces, and the result is this: Since its flat, I select all the faces next, and proceed to extrude. And here's where it goes...
  20. S


    Does anyone know if I can model with Realsoft 3d?
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