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    Modell Request ..

    Well, It's a modell I'd personally like to have .. It's Van Fanelia from Escaflowne .. The modell is not to be undero 2000 polys, and I can do the mesh (skinmapp) myself .. However , if anyone helps me out , I'll make him a skinning video ;x . (shows my work) . Some referances can be found...
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    Modell question ..

    I was wondering , How do I regroup a modell ? I'm going to skinn a modell , and I need to regroup , Like ears, body , head , legs . And stuff like that . But I can't do it becouse all those dots .. They come alond when I wanna move a selected form and screw up the hole modell .. By the way...
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    turtorial for head modeling?

    hi all im trying to modell again but i need a head turtorial. are there some turtorials for it? plz if there is give me the link or something SaiyaMan * Edit * Help me!!!!!!!!!!! Someone.......... Anyone............. PLZ!!!!
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    when i make a modell came a " Found vertex with invalid bone " what musst i do ????