1. RavenTrunks

    seeking a modeler.

    I'm looking for someone that has modeling experience that can create a small scale low poly model but can make it look good. For example, the models that are like the units in Starcraft II. What I'm looking to model are characters from Fallout 3. It's for a series of maps/games I want to...
  2. Damaera

    Bloom Shaders, New Modeler, Fan Submitted POTW's, Status Update

    Welcome Doormat. <3
  3. Z

    the quiting modeler's

    ok i got a question and it go's as following; over the years that i became a modeler myself i can only see a few of the old school days here that still model allot of modelers left allot of modelers quit a few kept on fighting and still model to this day. so here is my point : howcome most...
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    And modeler of the year goes to...

    We've seen a lot of great models on ESF-World, made by great modelers. One of those modelers has earned (I repeat earned, not recieved, cuz' I made it up) the Modeler of the Year award. But who?
  5. E


  6. D

    My team [ SSJ4 ADDON asking modeler!]

    we still really need is a modeler which could make for us a cool gogeta(ssj4/ssj),a fatgogeta,gotenks(all stages),goten-trunks(chibi) and gokollo Do someone wanna help us ? :laff: -Greetz Davy
  7. Graive

    Total noob modeler here

    Ok i got thinking and decided i want to make a bardock model (not the best beginning choice but meh) ill learn alot. ok now i started and then figured things dont look right so... here laugh at this monstrosity. crits or...
  8. C

    What every modeler really needs... news at 11...

    ...Well, it's simple really. File formats. My story is a shining example of this frustrating obstruction to making models: as a patron of HL1, I began in Milkshape. Then when this community started getting into 3ds Max, I went with you guys. Then when I wanted to model for HL2, I switched...
  9. G

    Modeler needed!

    hi im making a mod im a image designer/webmaster/noob modeler trying to learn/ and im trying to fine a good modeler for my half life mod and we need a coder too here is link to are mod .
  10. S

    d2 modeler come here plz

    d2 modeler would u b interested in makin some models odf dbz characters for this new dbz game i am making.i promise the game will be good and if any1 else is intersted just tell me THANKYOU!!!!! ;)
  11. jp

    To go boldly where no modeler has gone before.... WIP

    Well i am sure modelers have done this before but i like that title =P Well i was just practicing and figuring things out more a bit, and i made this, using a (very blurry :p ) enterprise refference... Heh allways wanted to do that, so what ya guys think? any...
  12. Brolly USSJ1

    N00b Modeler

    I recently started modeling with lightwave 8.0 and i have plugins, the only thing i need is help giving texture to the model i have the model itself but it has no texture. were and how do i get textures? i have photoshop and am happy to make them, can someone please just help me a bit or post a...
  13. Taurus 2112

    New Modeler in Town.

    I just started modeling today, and what better to start off with then a nice lookin Kirby model, pretty sure it belongs here. I know I need to add the blush to his cheeks. But any C&C would be appreciated. I use Wings 3D any other good apps to use?
  14. RAZIEL

    ££££ Hireing a Modeler ££££

    Hey Guys In furthering my attempts To bring some charecters to life Me and a Freind are offering Money for 2 charecters the amount will be based on quality and will be payable through Paypal as much as £50+ per Model could be payed. the models will be DBZ based (Looks Movement Ect) but will be...
  15. D

    Who is the best modeler?

    So... Who is the best modeler (not was or in the esf team)? I dont know yet.. look at the old forum threads and then I will decied. :p
  16. AuretheMaster

    I would like to ask Smo, and ESF Team Modeler something please.

    Topic. Hopefully Smo reads these forums, and as does the ESFteams Modeler. Its about a Model/Skin Edit i made. No i did not distribute my edit. Thanks in advance if you post, so i can ask.
  17. S

    Need Modeler!

    Im not really expecting anyone to actually make these, As Im sure are the modelers are busy with other projects but I thought these would be nice additions to esf 1.2 As I have yet to see anyone model / skin / animate any of these characters. Yam (I was thinking for Krillin?) Pui Pui (I...
  18. S

    How Good a Modeler Are You?

    I Hope I'm not breaking ne rules by posting this but I Just wanted to c whos the best modeler out there 4 those of u who r interested n i also want 2 c what it wud look like if my vision of SS5 Goku and Vegeta would look like as models ^_^ Heres what u gotta do just make a model of SS5 Goku...
  19. D

    Modeling i really need a good modeler.

    Hi guys im new here and i was thinking of a lil adjustment to ssjvegeta. can you guys see the picture wel if you dont im trying to find a modeler who would like to make the top of ssjvegeta's spikes blue. Please i really want one of those any modelers upon us? o_o grtz DC
  20. C

    Naruto Hl2 Modeler Recrutment