1. C

    Free MMORPGS galore!

    Well, my friend and I were looking for some free mmorpgs. He stumbled across this list: I thought we share it with you guys, its a great list with a ton of games. Not all of them are free, but its def a big list. I recently tried a...
  2. |Overlord|

    Any good free mmorpgs?

    Well title says all, i'm looking for a decent mmorpg that I can play. I would get WoW of gw, but considering the fact i'd not get my money's worth simply because I have dial up.
  3. DaMan

    Recommend MMORPGs

    can any1 tell me a good MMORPG since they closed Dragon Raja Online
  4. Epedemic_Optikz

    Good Free MMORPGs

    anybody know any good free MMORPGs??? I can't find one good MMORPG... all these games suck and you need to pay.. games I know of.. Ragnarok is p2p now... I wish it never became p2p... Priston Tale Deloria Monster and Me Project-Entropia p2p... that...
  5. P


    Just a lil thread, I found a good few that are very very nice, cant wait for them, but just wondering if anyone else knows about all of these, and what one you want to play the most City Of Heros This I cant wait for, theres ment to be a public beta soon.... It looks very good, the E3...
  6. owa

    .: Free MMORPGS :.

    I know we already have one thread for MMORPGS, but this one is for Free ones only. not ones you have to pay for. I'm looking for some good english ones. And Not runescape. Post your links.
  7. Mr. Satans

    Lookin' 4 People (MMORPGs & Such)

    Heyyy! Anyone out there ever or still play the following games: Dark Ages (Not Of Camelot) Nexus TK Elemental Saga Redmoon Cyberstrike 2 Don't ask me why I wanna find people who have played those games cuz I dunno why either.