1. MinioN

    DJ mixing programs

    Can you recommend me some good programs for mixing?I have MixMeister and HipHop ejay 6. You can see HERE few of my songs i've done(I know they suck).
  2. |Overlord|

    Mixing Memory

    Just now I got my older 512mb ddr33 stick off my brother to put in my pc, making a total of 1gig of ram in my system. The other stick is a geil ddr400 stick (just a normal one with a blue heatspreader). I put the memory sticks into both blue slots on my mainboard and my mainboard reports that...
  3. Z

    photoshop 7 tips

    can someone give me some tips to make better effect mor my sigs that im making im kinda new at photoshop but not really new at it but i c lots of ppl usong it and getting better results then i am so any suggestions??
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