1. Skyrider

    ESF Download Mirrors

    <center></center> All these versions should be Steam Compatible. If there is anything wrong, please private message me about it and I shall correct it as soon as possible. Screenshots are also included and if you are unfamiliar with the versions, click on "click to view mod info" to view the...
  2. Skyrider

    Request: Download Mirrors

    Hey guys. Is it possible you can give me download link mirrors of the Alpha, v1.x, v1.2.x, etc? I need quite a lot of them to fill up the main file page: http://esforces.com/files.html I brought it back a little bit, still needs work but at least it works.
  3. A

    Mirrors of ESF open beta!

    Hey everyone, A nice suggestion... Why not upload this open beta... At a fast free host server? My suggestions - Rapidshare - Megaupload This would be totally nice... And worth the upload time for everyone in here
  4. S

    All links and mirrors for EVM are down :(

    I tried all the esf-world.de/com mirrors and original links and all give me "This document contains no data" Can anyone else mirror these? http://esf-world.com/download.php?file_id=543 http://esf-world.com/download.php?file_id=292 etc :(
  5. S

    official 1.2 mirrors by mastasurf

    check it out http://www.esforces.com/getfile.php i already downloaded my copy :laff:
  6. Lord Killmore

    ESF 1.2 mirrors

    well i was just interested: do you guys already have some mirrors ready when it´ll be done? i mean it would be bad if yoou are done and would only have 1-2 mirrors. well i think esf stuff and esf world are in . but got any else ready? (hope your not gonna close this one since it´s a...
  7. Majiin_Vegeta

    Download mirrors

    thought you might like to know your gamershell mirror has a currupt file me and my mate downloaded it.. 2 seperate PC's/connections.. both got the same error.. some i/o shiz :S anyone got some WORKING links.. becuase all these sites with the tones of adverts and waiting 10 seconds to...
  8. Viki@killer


    Hey,guys where to download esf_orbit?I tried on File Front,P2P,and other mirrors,but not working(i founded that map on dmc.flagrun.(net or com).Please,tell me???And in esf or nc_battlegrounds,how to go on the second stage of map??? :cry:
  9. G

    Nc clan come here

    Hello, now i tried to map and its realy hard for a person as my self lol and so im asking u this. no i seen u all like to do weird and unreal maps while heres one for thought a mirror map nothing but mirrors cause u wouldn't be able to tell anything apart like someone can be so far and...
  10. Baku

    Resumable Mirrors ???

    Anyone know any resumable download links for the 1.1 update cause i got a **** 56k modem and am on BT Openworld which gets disconnected after 2 hours... an BTW before anyone says get BB i can get it in my area So StFu
  11. Zou Anli

    Here Are The New Mirrors!

    Download it fast! www.desert-crisis.de/ESFBeta11.exe www.franksesfsite.de/ESFBeta11.exe www.duragonpow.net/ESFBeta11.exe www.dbzpower.de/ESFBeta11.exe www.Reaven.net/downloads/ESFBeta11.exe start your DLM and go ! have fun :yes:
  12. T

    esf website only has broken links to mirrors and no real direct downloads!

    Your esf website doesn't have direct d/l's :cry: it mostly has broken links. please install direct downloads into your beautiful website. ty.
  13. R

    Ausie Mirrors

    I have read the Beta Mirors thread and it doesnt say anything about Australian mirrors. (at least i didnt see anything) I was just wondering if there was going to be Australian mirrors as it would help me and maybe other Australians download the beta. Weep for me, i only have a 33.6...
  14. T

    Beta Mirrors

    I was wondering how many different places are going to carry your beta and i really hope there is not just fileplanet.
  15. G

    ESF 2.0 Mirrors

    Please find mirrors for me! post them in this thread!
  16. S

    working mirrors

    somebaody knows where can i find working mirrors (non file planet, redsaiyan)
  17. N


    Okay, I am just wondering if theres any OTHER mirrors to DL ESF from OTHER than the *** one you have now (not saying who) where you have to wait in line for 46 mins!;(
  18. Pacalon

    Where can i download...

    3d Studio Max 4.2? Their website seems down, any mirrors or anything? EDIT: Scratch that. gmax and Milkshape are ok. Thanks anyway guys.
  19. S

    File mirrors still needed?

    i know its late but i been trying to find my own website for ages, finally found it but they cahnged my password for "security reasons" ebcause i was hacked at some point. took me 4 weeks to find it with a password guesser i found. how big is the update patch (from one version to...
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