1. Hawki_ice

    FINALY NON Battle damaged Mirai Gohan

    Credz! AZN -model Cheeseman - original edit ssj 4 Gotenks - removed Battle damage Hawki_ice - further model editing 2 fix stuff ssj 4 gotenks did :) Skin - No idea im gessing cheeseman! original was azn! Applying new skin - Hawki_ice Yes Cheeseman gave me premission 2 edit his edit...
  2. A


    well i was watching an DBmovie u know the 1 of andriod 17,18 when truks go ssj for the first time etc... then i saw that gohan had a cool scare on his face så i wonderd if any 1 wanna make a coll skin if it? pics bellow 1 2 3 4 5 well u know ;D not torn uff cloth...
  3. S

    future gohan

    heres a future gohan i made. its not done yet please give me crits sorry i accententelly didn't put on the pics i guess i was in a hurry
  4. SA_Gohan

    Mirai Trunks

    Hello all. Just something I've done recently. Future trunks for dbu (jk2 version) crits and comments are welcome average polycount is 2066 http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=25346 http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=25347
  5. B

    i´m finishing goku, goku ssj1, goahn with orange equipament

    i´m finishing goku, goku ssj1, goahn with orange equipament
  6. B

    Son Gohan And Son Gohan Great Sayaman Finished

    SON GOHAN AND SON GOHAN GREAT SAYAMAN FINISHED i modeled the head, the body, the helmet, the clock, and the rest i modificated of vegeta model i skined all [email protected] http://granavenida.com/counter-empire/
  7. R

    Mirai USSJ

    ok esf team, u can del this post if u want, but i wanna say this i am sure u will like this too ok i think thats it, but i am not saying ban him, cos i GUESS u dont just cos one person whinna bout him (me -.-) but at least tell him to calm down abit!
  8. Hibiki

    What Trunks?

    what trunks should esf have? future is soo much better cause he has the bad ass sword and looks hella cooler than the gay bojack trunks