1. M

    help witch milkshape

    can anyone help me witch milkshape im trying to amke a model sow i need help plz help me guy's thnx :)
  2. N


    Ok i know that there is a thread on this and all other modeling proggys..... But what i did not see is OnE important factor for an esf model and how 2 compile it. My idea was someone should post how a esf qc file should look so you have no errors compling it and it would clear up this problem...
  3. U

    does anyone have a milkshap 3d guidance

    does anyone have a milkshap 3d guidance? hat irgend jemand eine anleitung für milk shape 3d?
  4. Pommy


    I read the cs girl tutorial by dos for milkshape but it doesn't really go into detail on the modeling it just basically tells you what to do. Is there any tutorials for milkshape that tell you <i>how</i> to do things or techniques to use for different things. Does anyone know what I mean? Are...
  5. Dragoon

    Help With Milkshape

    ok, so i got milkshape made a model(very wierd lookn) but i dont know how to make it into a mdl file. Can anyone help me??
  6. V

    does gmax work for hL

    does it ? is it better than milkshape
  7. S

    What program do you need to create skins/models?

    what do u need to make skins and where to download it? much appreciated.

    Help with Gmax

    Can someone tell me how to load and save ESF model files with gmax, so that I can edit it. Please tell me or post a tool or something.
  9. S

    ssj 3 vegeta help

    i know that vegeta doesn't go ssj 3 but im editing some models to make him. but i don't know how to weld the parts(i'm welding hair to head). i read D.C. Darkling's notes but it wouldn't work. pleaz help me. thanx :)
  10. S

    help with milkshape

    when i decompile the model it doesn't show up im a noob. can you help me:cry: :(
  11. S

    how do i use milkshape?

    how do i use milkshape 3d.... i dont know it so dificult and strange this is the first time i try something like that:cry: and i dont know how:cry: please someone help me
  12. S

    i dont know how to work whit milkshape

    how do you work whit milkshape i dont understand it its al to complicated can someone help me please:cry:
  13. Abhorsen

    Help with Milkshape

    In milkshape how do i go from a ms3d file to a mdl file?
  14. J


    Can someone learn me how 2 model or send me some progrmas?? I'm @ #infinity^ on quakenet , help me plz.
  15. G


    could someone send me a tutorial for making dragon ball z models with milkshape? i wanna start making models for esf.
  16. T

    Question about milkshape

    im in the middle of making that model in the tutorial and i have a problem, when they said put down some vetices(on page 10 of the tutorial) how do i select the vertex again. i tried to goto select then highlight them but it doesnt work and i do have it on vertex in the select buttonO_O
  17. S

    how do i...

    ... open my .gmax file in milkshape? cuz: -gmax = .gmax -milkshape = .ms3d help me plz !:talk:
  18. Loki

    Help with milkshape

    Can someone give me the webpage and some really good tutorials for milkshape i really wanna learn to model.
  19. W

    model making programs?

    i wanted to get into modeling, but i dont know what programs to get or how to use them. any help would be great! oh yeah, and iconz ur models are great, but is there any way they could be used in esf instead of dragonball u?
  20. D


    does anyone know where I can get Milkshape. U've probably all heard this before but i want to start modeling spanx:devil: :devil: :devil: