1. S

    The Mighty Boosh

    I doubt most of you have seen this, or will understand it, but oh well. The mighty boosh is a crazy comedy that doesnt really make much sense. It's a refreshing change from most comedy's that are on tv here thesedays, which seem to consist of sitcoms and panel game shows. One of my mates...
  2. Rayos


    http://youtube.com/watch?v=QbTCQEoPVxE I HAVE A FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE...make this the biggest fat man dance ever...bigger than numa come on people i need yoru help
  3. Suh Dude

    Hail the mighty instrument!

    So, I had $100 bucks for a few weeks, saving for a guitar, then my dad came out of no where and said, if you give me $100 bucks, i'll let you have whats inside the trunk. Was thinking for a couple of hours and I gave him the $100 bucks. So, I took his keys, open the trunk, and this is what I...
  4. Mr. Satans

    Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers

    THIS IS IT! Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers is HERE! I just saw the movie after a painstaking download and I have to say it was mighty funny! I love how they made fun of the corny-ness of the real Power Rangers shows. What about you guys?
  5. S

    Freeza Form 1 The Mighty Midget

    Yes it had to happen I finally started skinning a dbz model, this is an early WIP but its moving nicely so far,, still alot of muscle work to do, btw I know the shoulders aren't accurate I am just leaving them as they are for now :-) ! Please C&C to you hearts content! latz Show
  6. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Nuttzy base - Goku WIP

    Decided to make goku from nuttzy bse model Credit to: Nuttzy , me
  7. Nuttzy

    temp thread - please ignore [grOOvy]

  8. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades, Goku.. Finaly?

    its a WIP but I'm almost finished this version.. gona make 5 other versions after this one... enjoy http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=25786
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    up and coming

    well i recently started getting into 3d so i just wanted to see what u guys thought of my second model. its not finished, i created this all from one box and since im not comfortable enough with 3d studio max it probabily wont be used for anything except eye candy. anyways what u think? and...
  10. Packed Lunch

    mighty mask request!~

    the one wit goten and trunks and so on.. :D$!$!%
  11. J

    "mighty" spirit ball....

    ok, i tried a couples of times to do it again zith noluck anyone cna tell me how to do it again plz??????
  12. SeijiTataki

    Tae Mighty List of Suggestions

    Mm. My first time back to the forums in a long time. In any case, here's "The mighty list of suggestions". (Probably the third I've ever created..) Attack Related Frieza Laser Therapy - Energy attack which fires like grenade. The beam archs toward the ground, and when contacts...
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