1. Mous4u

    In Memory Of Micheal Jackson Thread. (1958 - 2009)

    Ok This time i am in general chat so dont worry about spam. now do you like Micheal Jackson (R.I.P 1958 - 2009) in this thread we say a speech about micheal jackson - bad or good - also it dosent matter how old the thread is cause Micheal Jackson will will never ever be forgotten MESSAGE:EVEN...
  2. Mous4u

    Micheal Jackson - Thriller (ALL LYRICS

    LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED SHALL'WE Micheal Jackson - Thriller It’s Close To Midnight And Something Evil’s Lurking In The Dark Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It You Start To Freeze As Horror...
  3. Snowm@n

    Angry Video Game Nerd - Micheal

    So, when I need a good humour I usually check out if there are any new videos from him, because this guy can be f*****g hilarious sometimes. But the new MICHEAL JACKSON review it just a must see. Just press "Game trailers" http://www.gametrailers.com/player/44106.html I had a good lol once...
  4. tekhsheen


    :scared: omfg, i have skinned trunks to be micheal jacson... HOW SCARY O_O note: look at this picture and you WILL have a nightmare!!!! :devgrin: