1. Enix


    This was requested a few months ago, and I have been wanting to do it anyway, so I started last week. Just about done now, and its rigged. I just want to edit a few animations before I release. Whats ironic is I asked if this would be a good idea for my first model over two years ago, and the...
  2. broli


    Well actually this one is a new personal record(the speed) for me...anyways here he is...I can say much atm, only that he's finished and ready for the skin and here are the flats(notice that that tube sticking out of his head isn't there now) EDIT: polycount:2000
  3. GotenksOwnz

    What do you think of my new sig?

    Ok so this is my new sig what do you guys think. :D
  4. Mewtwo

    My first Wp

    Well I was looking for a wallpaper of kai from beyblade and I couldn't find even 1, so I decided to make my own. It is my first attempt at a wallpaper ever and I know it's a bit basic but be as harsh as you want, I never mind a bit of constructive criticism. ;)
  5. -Dark Shadow-

    Happy birthday Mewtwo!

    i saw you were 15 today so happy birthday!
  6. Logan4434

    goku ssj5 WIP

    heres a pic Daz will post a link to the model soon.(the pic is very crappy dont judge it bvy the pic i suggest you DL it than see how you like it in game personally i use and enjoy this model) pic: :D
  7. L

    Can Someone Please Make Me A Gotenks And A Ssj Gotenks!!!!! Please!

    Can someone make me a gotenks and ssj gotenks??:cry: