1. SuperDragonFist

    Problems with meta mod

    i know this isnt much of a problem but when i try to host a game an error comes up saying: Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from c:\Valve\Steam\steamapps\dylan72\half-life\esf\addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll! i downloaded EVM dont know if that did anything bad. I can still play games on...
  2. G

    please please help with sprites/map /models, etc. download and/or with meta and evm!

    please please help with sprite/map /model /sound, etc. download and/or with downloading metamod and Evolution mod! can someone please give me a specific step by step walkthrough for one of these things(highly preferably evm and metamod)thnx
  3. W

    Help how to install the new meta mod???

    How do i install the new metamod??? // vim: set ft=cpp : // Earth`s Special Forces // // Version Alpha 2.0 // // From: mark cook <[email protected]> // Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:39:07 -0700 aura dragonball env_model item_dragonball item_sensubeanbag...
  4. D

    Meta mod or amx request!

    I was wondering if somebody could make a metamod or amx plugin for esf that makes it to powering up uses a .mdl file, as opposed to the .wrl(powerupaura.wrl) that it usually uses (i find that you can do much more with a model than a wrl :cry: ). Thanks in advance! :yes:
  5. B

    Meta Mod

    K can someone give me a link to the meta mod that works PERFECT with esf and dont have that targeting problem! i think this is cozing our targeting problem but if u have another ideas our server is: <> ESF 1.1
  6. M

    Meta Mod

    the new version of meta mod is out and it supports ESF 1.1 =/\/\C
  7. S

    amx mod meta mod

    i tryed to install metamod and amxmod but i can't get amxmod to work. i can get metamod to work but i can't load any plugins. and if there is a better kind of admin mod please give me the link. thanks
  8. Snow

    Meta Mod?

    What is Meta Mod?