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    Merlin's House Of Sigs!

    Ok, For all that would like to enjoy this thread please make sure you follow the rules. Thanks. #1. Do not flame here. If you want to flame go to another thread. #2. Act mature here, Dont trash talk. #3. Anyone can post there sigs here if they would like to have crits etc. (For the lazy...
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    Merlin's Work

    Ok I have some sig's i created yesterday morning, id like to share with everyone. I used hawkie's idea on these sig's, and no he didnt create these sig's. Please rank these sig's from 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Thanks.
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    Merlin's Sig Thread

    Well Im currently "New" to making sigs, So im just going to post what i make. I maybe make 1-2 sigs a day, So ill have more sigs as the day goes by. Check back for new work etc. edit: Well, Here is yet another sig. edit: Ok, I was up until 6:06 AM, Doing the first two sig's and...
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    uvw maping

    can someone tell me how to uv/uvw map the model or wat program to use? EDIT: if you don't know wat i mean here it is simple wat program/watever... i have to use to make the model skinable...