1. M

    Merging Two AVI Files

    Does anyone know how I can merge two AVI files? So the next will play after the first one is done?
  2. D.C. Darkling

    Need help with blending

    Hya all, As you all know I can animate good enought to do various things. (hell.. I did my entire model lol) But I still can't grasp the function "blends" I know its something like merging 2 .smd's in one anim but I still don't get it. If anyone can pls explain what this, how it...
  3. Kuyuaga

    My drawings

    I don't care about what you think the sig is like, I would like you t comment on the drawings. These charecters are ORIGINAL they are, on the right - Niatu and the left - akira. Just tell me if you like the pics or not.