1. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Freddie Mercury died 15 years ago

    Tomorrow, the 24th of november, it will be 15 years ago that Freddie Mercury, the singer of the legendary band Queen, died of AIDS. Let's all have a quiet moment tomorrow for this great man, his fighting, his great voice. Video about his struggle and final years...
  2. J

    Did Freddy Mercury have a craving for Chicken?

    ok, seeing as though Queen are one of the worlds best bands, EVER. any fan of queen (namely all of you), should have heard the track "One Vision". now what i want to know, is right at the end of the track, does Mr.Mercury shout out for some fried chicken?
  3. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Q3 model

    ok i know this isnt, dbz but dont flame me for it, ill get back to working on dbz after i finish this. Just wondered what you thought of it, C&C welcome :) and another (ps its just over 1900 polys)
  4. S

    Atmosphereics .V 01

    Hey guys, I jsut finished my new wallpaper. Enjoy * By the way, Celestial Designs is my clan* Some C n' C please :)