1. F

    Mel Gibson

    well i just wanted to try new head modeling technicue and i found some refs for mel gibson so iam on it i worked on it couple of hours its still a wip... but i think there is allready somethink what you can crit
  2. Death The Jedi

    Melted Soul

    Its my second work in Bryce, and yes, I know the font sucks. If anyone can point me in the direction of some fonts that go well with this picture.. please do so.
  3. S

    Check it out!, my first model!

    Check out my first model! Check out my first model! Check out my first model! This is my first model ever looks pritty good for a beginner ( i Think ) Tell my what you think about it!
  4. T

    Broli- remodel and reskinned

    Heres a Broli model i reskinned and modeled some I did it in 30 mins total expect a release today or tommrow i just gotta fix the red cloth and compile it model goes to fanmanterrors ussjtrunks
  5. B

    new ssj3 goku skin

    my friend kain and i have made a skin to replace ssj goku.....i give full props to esf team for the kain for his ssj3 hair...and me for his face> i am new to forums so if i didn't link this right i apologize u can still see where the model is i would post a pic but haven't...
  6. ZuL


    I finished modeling a monster i call RaizerBakkh , and i am wondering, can anyone export it from .3ds to .mdl, so SKULLEYES can skin it? Heres the url to the pic by the way: ZuL