1. HaLLiS

    Sig meister

    Hey again, i was wonderin if someone could make me another sig , ive got a picture tht id like on it but duno where to upload to o_o
  2. M

    scaling a existig model?

    I'm a Milkshape N00b and try to scale a model from ESF... So, i tried first die Scale-line in the qc file.... but the figure is stuck in the ground then.... Then, I tried to scale the Reference Scene from the model... but the model only was sqashed together! So i try to scale the anmation *.smd...
  3. Ragnara

    Meister Popo Model?

    Great idea huh?O_o I dont know how you called him(In Germany we say Meister Popo=Master Popo or Master A s s *gg*) its the black guy who hangs around with who can Model him?