1. F


    :scared: :cry: o_o :shocked: :talk: :( Hi, - how do i be super sayin? - how do i use melee? - how do i get sensu beans? i've installed ESP and the patch 1.2.1 and then 1.2.2 and then 1.2.3. but i see no differnt HELP ME PLEaSE
  2. M

    PLZ some1 help mee PLZ

    someone please help me what i do : when i try to get something server and it loads [ Parsing server info ] it doesent do that , it stop to load and do nothing. i have tried to instal steam again but it doesent help! please some1 answer me :(
  3. S

    help me please!!

    Can i anyone help me, i one to compile my model from .qc to .mdl, and when i compile it sez `ERROR` `too many vertices`. can someone tell how many vertices a half-life model can have, and i don´t meen polly´s
  4. Element4q2

    Nuzzy base - New Vegeta

    I've decided to make a new vegeta using nuttzy's base model. It was gonna be a goku model but i decided against it. Anyway heres the first skin i did. (was gonna be goku or something) And heres the Vegeta model WIP * The skin is far from done Cred: Nuzzy for the base model
  5. T

    Please help mee!!! i am a noob

    :cry: :cry: :cry: Please help mee!!! How can i to transform in ssj?? i start played yesterday and i need help!!
  6. I

    NEW Skins for every model.

  7. T

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta pack

    This is my pack I put together it comes with- :notice:Two models normal,ssj2 majin :notice:Sound pack :notice:Sprites :notice:Animations :notice:Auras *********EDIT 2************ heres a new link
  8. Logan4434

    improved Vegetto

    i tweaked Brollman's Vegetto to be a little more vegettoie so... comes with SSJ and cant see many of the changes in that pic.i also added some animations from Azn and the dl link:;D
  9. fatmanterror

    A lil somethin i whipped up

    well this is my latest venture, ssj4 gogeta, i planned to be doing this in 3d max, but my copy is messed up some how;( so i took what i learned about box modeling, and used it in milkshape, this is about 30 minutes into it, i have the head done and of course im gonna add a tail, but ill show...
  10. T

    DBAF trunks wip

    yea i still gotta tweak alot and add a head but what do you guys think so far.... it should be fully skinned and animated but next weds..
  11. thor

    ICQ Skins

    Does anybody no where i can get a Vejeta icq plus skin
  12. D

    Can here anything German ??????

    can anyone here speak german?????? Wann macht ihr endlich Gohan,Kuririn und Buu fertig ??? oder sind sie in der neuen Version schon fertig gestellt worden ???? :notice: :shocked:
  13. D

    Drawing Contest

    just decided to have one =) im too damn tired of all these people posting stupid sigs and not much drawing