1. Flink_Power

    Mecha Frieza Model

    Hi! Where can i find this model: It's from ESF Evolution Addon : But the link doesn't work:-/ Or a another mecha frieza model exist? Thank's.
  2. S

    Mecha Freeza

    How about Mecha Freeza as a transformation or as a whole new character with King Cold as his buddy? Mecha Freeza was said to be even more powerful, so I think it would make a great transformation.
  3. Eon

    For all you mecha lovers :P check it out, they even have a video of the thing walking, and it's actually armed. :O!
  4. Guru_San

    Mecha Request!

    Ok guys id like to request some mechs / gundam HL models if possible, for a wee mod of mine, full crits, or team position optional!! Cheers -SaN
  5. H

    Mecha Knuckles

    *shrugs* I guess I should post this. Anyway, I've been twiddling with other modeling programs, and have found maya usable O_o So...after doing only a portion of a tutorial of a head, I decided to give Maya a try on a model I've been meaning to do for awhile O_o There is no poly limit...
  6. Marauder

    Scorp wip

    made a scorpion model....just the beggining. i know i need to fix the tail, legs and claws abit, but im shoing u guys it asking, what else do u think needs improovment ? comments ;D p.s its supposd to be a robot scorp ^_^
  7. Virtigo Seven

    Best Mecha

    whos the top contending mecha in the esf forum polls? i gotta go with eather Wing Gundam Zero Custom or Gundam GX-9901, Gundam Double X!
  8. DiebytheSword

    And now the Vridross . . .

    Someone asked if I drew stuff other than Fantasy and DBZ. I like Mecha and I have some other stuff that's sci-fi laying around. So I'll hit that up for a bit. Vridross Please cut and paste, but don't run with the scissors and don't eat the glue.
  9. S

    Mecha game.

    Does anyone remember a post that was on here awhile ago about a free standalone mech game. It looked really cool and was in korean. Well the reason I ask because I can't find a link and I finally got enough space to play it now. So if anyone can help thanks in advance.
  10. Ecchi Pr0n

    best mecha for you test

    YES WE OR SHOULD I SAY I AM ADDICTED TO THESE THINGS BUT HERES it HIbki yours will be the one im most intrested DONT LIE mecha test anyway 1.escaflowna 2.death sycth 3.any EVA unit
  11. Ecchi Pr0n

    Favorite Mecha

    ok I want to know everyones favorite mecha 1.doesnt matter what series a pic from a site of it 3.why you like it 4.stats 5.Pros & cons of it ok so post it
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