1. Tweek

    EVM Models !!!!!

    ..OK i no there has been a lot of speculation bout the EVM models all bein ripped :( Now its not my place 2 say weather they hav or havnt but i can assure u that both P cell, Kid buu, and serveral ohter r NOT ripped bcus me and other EVM modelers made then O_o so i would apreciate u NOT 2 cum...
  2. K

    i have no idea where this should go...

    so yeah if this is in the wrong place, please DO NOT close my thread, just relocate it! :D ok first of all is smo/yorke gone for good cause i havent seen him in like forever... second has there or will there ever be a modeling competition where the best modelers send their best models, and the...
  3. M

    Can someone make me a sig

    It would be nice if someone put my name like so between his hands were he is making a beam my name like so =->Maistro<-= and under in the midle write =->Dragonball Warriors<-= thax already reply
  4. ssj999vegeta

    can u make a model for me?

    i need a model done for me (im still learning how 2 model myslef) bcause apparently theres no model iuts mentioned in one of my posts there pm me if u wanna try n make it( if u pm me i will tell u what i want it to look like)
  5. C

    Tutorials about adapting mdoels to ESF??

    I jsut wanted to know if the team would be nice enough to release a complete tutorial about that. Coz i know how to adapat them,but it would be a lto easier to ahve a tut,to know which animaitons we ahve to do,how to create attacks maybe etc Thanx in advance
  6. C

    About putting new mdoels in ESF

    I was wondering,if it was possible to put models for ESF ingame,competelly new models,with new animations etc.. Thanx for answering