1. elcor

    Star wars darth maul

    n a galaxy far far away. If Every Saga has a Begining, Then Every SITH has a History,and Every Tale must be told... This is the tale of a young Darth Maul, as he passes the trails of Pain and becomes the most lethal apprentice the Sith order has ever known...
  2. T

    cyborg vegeta?

    cyborg vegeta model finshed well i was bored and i felt like practicing metal so i started to do this and well i just wanna finsh it now.. what do you think it needs post your comments and your insite. Worktime: 47 minutes P.s I was thinking about T3 while doing this lol;D
  3. S

    Insane_Jester's Darth Maul Model!

    alright, jester is busy and is currently making a darth maul model, ill show you pictures now and then, heres 1, please give your opinions (PS) this is a hl model!