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    mather ****er crash!!!!

    sooooo anoyed!!!!!! when i play in esf or evm server then i crash and the game out,but the server dont crash and all right.....whyyyyyy plzzz why??????????????? ;( this my computer: P.4 2400 memory card:Radion 9550 128 256 Mb Internet WOW 750.... pllz help. sry for my english
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    GI Base (wip)

    hey i started a gi basemodel today!!! woohooo. Im going to use it for krillen, gohan, goku and possibly some others. Please give me any tips to improve. Also, how should i do the hands for ESF? all 5 fingers or cut the polies down by using 2 big fingers? BTW its 420 polies right now.