1. S

    my mate needs a new computer D:

    I said i'd help him out with what to get... by doing that i ment asking the peoples on here =P he wants to build it himself and he wants to order online, he loves his games and wants to get into the game development buisness too. His funding is around £900, though he doesnt need to buy a...
  2. P

    Made a simple Map

    Hello, I made a very simple Map :) But it is also great ;) you can destroy some parts of the battlefield. and the sky gives you the dbz feel *hrhr* please give me a feedback *g* So, check it out : cYa PayJay ;)
  3. Emeka650

    namek terrain

    Here is a namek terrain I made i easy gen. Crits and what you think. The green isnt water its just too show off how the water will look when its made
  4. M


    dabura for ghp, this wat ive done so far :
  5. M

    Zarbon model

    I just found the strangest model Zarbon i is for Vegeta or Trunks they said it will have an transformed form to soon here a pic and the d/l link (p.s i found it didn't make it ) Klik here to Download
  6. E

    Fishy, Demony, Goaty, Biologicaly...agh Wierd New Model by me!

    1380 polys i aint got a clue what it is. just made it up as i went along
  7. E

    Wolverine WIP

    Hey guys, i thought id do something different than DBZ so i thought id joina marvel mod! even tho i never watch it, they characters seem interesting, anywaym heres the model, its wolverine from xmen, 1412 polys still needs a head and feel, which ill get done asap. (i just saw a...
  8. M

    Super Buu WIP

    its a wip, looks out of proportion to me, i only had pics of his head and upper torso :S edit: his face looks funny there it isnt actually that bad.. :P
  9. B

    Anywhere for a basic model to use?

    Is there anywhere where we can download or get a basic torso or legs or both models that you just need to edit and use? thx
  10. USJTrunks

    Blinding - Wallpaper

  11. G

    farken sig test aye mate!

    :notice: :idea: :S ;/ o_o :p
  12. Tyrael

    where do you get ........

    those nice pictures in the signatures for instances like -{gF}- Trunks or Majin Gotenks i wanna have that to :cry: :\
  13. L

    Good Job Vassago

    Just want to say "Great Job" and send a little appreciation your way. Keep up the good work. :)
  14. B

    sig j/k graphix I made

    ya its nothin special just I want feedback on it tell me what i could change for the better finished it in 5 min give it time to load O_O
  15. L


    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?