1. A

    My Raging Blast matches ---------- Double Post below was added at 12:36 AM has been merged with this post created 12:30 AM at ----------...
  2. clen

    So, are matches still possible?

    So is it still at all possible to get a match or is there nobody left?
  3. M

    Some Good Fighting Matches

    Who would win? 12 - year - old goku(dragonball NOT GT!!!) vs. Hercule Ssj Brolly(NOT BUFF AND BIG JUST REGU SSJ!) vs. full power bojack if goku was ssj 4 and looked at the moon ssj 4 oazuuru(I DONT KNOW IF HE CAN) vs. ssj 2 gogeta discuss
  4. L

    Read my thread and help, or be burned with a thousand tiny matches!

    Well, i'm no noob at ESF, but i have a question about the buggery steam install. when i play, the controls don't show up! and i can't move! do i need to run original h-l, or run steam hl? i'm so confused -.-
  5. Froggo

    Shino! :D (from Naruto?)

    Heres some kind of odd Tribute to my favourite Naruto character Shino :D, If you have seen hime in the preliminary matches you know the idea about this thing
  6. K

    Uub model

    do u guys have a uub model??? ive searched the forums and no matches....
  7. GoJita

    Can i get sig please

    I would like a sig with like goku bending over to fuse on one side and vegeta bending over on the other side to fuse with Goku, and Gojita standing in between them
  8. M

    VASH T.S wip its kinda near completetion now i think ill post up some wackky animations
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