1. kam!

    Blizzard entering the mobile Market?

    Blizzard just announced some upcoming games of 2010. They will be released to mobile phones exclusively. I know it's AF Source: Your thoughts on that? I think they should totally focus on Diablo 3 and SC2 before they start something like that
  2. Nuttzy

    in the market for a new tv, halp

    my current TV is a 32' SDTV, and the sound and picture are just fine, but recently a high pitched squeal has started to come from the top of the television, I propped a small book under it to put it at a slight angle and the noise stopped, but its not very attractive =D. I wanted a HDTV at a...
  3. Spunky

    45nm Technology Hits the Market!

    Phew, I haven't made one of these threads in a couple of years (maybe even before I was Amnestometh here, not sure). The QX9650 and the Xeon E5440 are on the market now. Normally, this would be where I would completely nerd out and become overly-enthusiastic. However, I think most of the people...
  4. M

    Nintendo's women gamers could transform market

    Japanese women have overtaken their male counterparts to become the biggest users of Nintendo's Wii and DS machines in a seismic shift that the company said would ''transform the video games industry''. If the change repeats itself around the globe, said analysts, it could force a complete...
  5. Kurt`

    CS:S Weapons Market o.O

    What it is: What it currently looks like: Cool concept, should totally be opt-in though. /me gets ready to setup a custom server to control economy by spamming weapon buys via scripts/AMX plugins
  6. Promiscuous Girl

    Ubisoft CEO Claims Japan's Market Biased

    After making the shocking announcement that a new Naruto game would heading to xbox 360 in 2007, Ubisoft CEO speaks his mind about the Japan gaming market. Now i've been teetering back and forth on whether the...
  7. U

    esf market?

    i just thought.. maybe there should be a market of some sort. you pay with ki or hp it would depend on wat item youd buy say for health u lose like 900 ki or somthing... you can buy a sword. if youd wish. a new look for your character. maybe? and the uniform has properties like 4% more speed or...
  8. S

    Lightwave Questions

    ok, i was opening the modeller, and i had never used it before, so i messed around with the options... then all of a sudden the menu is gone! how? i dont know, but im asking you how to get it back... please reply if u do...
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