1. Suh Dude

    Best Recommended Copic Markers?

    Well, thanks to all who helped me out there, I've finally got my drawing style back. I'm almost there. Maybe later I'll show some of my work. I was wondering what was the best recommended copic markers, and they are in the best price, not the extreme prices, but a fair price. My teach has some...
  2. C

    Red Arrow Player Markers

    Hey whats up, uhh ive been playing esf for a little over a couple months and haven't had any problems up to this point, but about a day or two ago, I noticed that the red arrows that are located above the heads of other players in the server had stopped appearing. At first this seemed like...
  3. USJTrunks


    I didn't draw these, just colored them in. Copy and paste the links.
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