1. Deathshot

    Marines, police, firemen and more prep for mock zombie invasion

  2. Mkilbride

    Gearbox hasn't worked on Aliens: Colonial Marines at ALL! What was this **** about how "we've been working hard on it"?! It was announced back in 2008, for a 2010 release, and they are saying they haven't done any work on it? What about all the "latest" screenshots?!
  3. M

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  4. J

    smile son, your in the marines now D:

    thats right, i passed my second interview, i just need to pass the physical exam, and i can rejoin the royal marines and enter physical training :yes: physical exam lasts 3 days. day 1: 0600: reveille, time to wake up, and smell teh hummas. 0745: opening address, course officer...