1. Grega

    Black March 2012

    A new protest against the recent internet regulation laws and so on. Basically for 1 month no buying movies, music, games and also no downloading of it as a boycott protest against the people trying to push for such bills. The official site: And a video that...
  2. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 *OPEN* Beta coming in March, releasing this year!
  3. Damaera

    Finally! Mass Effect 2 makes its first appearance in March! This is fantastic, I can't wait.
  4. Prozac

    Red alert 3 Hell March Trailer! There you have it! newest Red alert 3 Looks abit like Red alert 2 with a HD wrapper but it's still awesome cause it's red alert! <- fanboy anyway, the build on water thing looks nice + new units! can't wait for oktober
  5. Kaination

    March of the Penguins: Quite possibly the stupidest idea ever?

    Now bear with me folks... the movie 'March of the Penguins' is one of THEE most stupidest sounding movies ever <_< I mean christ, a bunch of penguins walking around for an hour and thirty minutes? Share your thoughts about it
  6. Pommy

    Odd art

    i was board so I made some weird shapes and then added a bg and mixed it with some text and here it is. took me a little bit but here it is. <img src=> feedback :D?
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    My poetry & prose thread..

    ..:: Death Breeds ::.. You think you know me, You want to know me, All you do is destroy me, Inside and out. What did I do to deserve this? Maybe I am falling in the abyss.. Why am I gloomy? Did I deserve to be lonely? What did you do to eat me alive? Maybe you decided to be rich with...
  8. I

    8 march 2003 A FAKE !!!! DAM IT why did they have to say that now, was fun too see site every no and then... all cose some newbes emailed him sayin stuff like "Hide out at my house man we can get p1ssed all day n laft n sh^t" o well, i reon its a film what do u all think it is?
  9. xstortionist

    prophecy of march 8th 2003 go there and read the biggest BS scandle of all time....but it does seems pretty interesting...let me know what yall think.
  10. V

    Hey look who's back

    Hey guys, just wanted to sort some things out here. a) I'm not dead b) I did not quit My motherboard died on me, and it ripped out a vital windows file when it went out. I was unable to repair the file die to a severely damaged boot sector on my HD. I had to reformat my C: partition...