1. Sicron

    2 bugs...couldnt find in mantis tracker

    Well i can finaly play esf again, so i tried some training with some bots to start learning advance melee again anyway, i found 2 bugs, 1.[Bot Bug] When i was training with a super bot, and i didnt want that stupid laser, i put the % on 0 but it still kept firing that laser to me.. 2.[Map...
  2. SS_Vegeta

    One of my nOOb models

    Not BAD mantis, for your first serious model. But i'm gonna be the one to tell you that its a huge waste of polys. If you have like 10 of those runnin around in almost any game it'll crash or lag alot. I suggest you tone that chest and arm section down to at least half the amount. And one other...
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