1. Rocky


    Since most of you live in the past you won't see it till tomorrow, but over here its officially Magus/Eon's 20th Birthday. So, happy birthday maggeh! I got the perfect present for you. Rocky kicks Magus' ass round 3 All the best man, don't get too drunk/stoned and remember only one more...
  2. Eon

    Mango summer sig comp: Voting!

    Vote for your favorite signature! The signatures chosen to move on were: Ravendust Dudeman Crackerjack Congratulations guys! good luck!
  3. Eon

    The Mango's Summer Signature Competition.

    It's competition time !_! Anyways, anyone remember the last competition? With the winner of the awesome sexy christmas signature, Suicidal Maniac, with this sexy heartwarming signature. The theme for this one is SUMMER, so bust out those ideas people! I am in the process of...
  4. Rocky


    Yes friends, this day 17 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Mango had a baby mango which they called Magus, and here we are, the forum community ready to celebrate and cheer on our good friend Magus as he journeys on as a 17 year old. So to my good friend, and faction leader Magus, I wish you a...
  5. Eon

    Mango sig competition: Finalists. Vote now!

    Thank you for everyone who participated in the competition, the judges had fun with the entries, it was tough. You guys will decide the FINAL winner of the competition. :D Now, I ask one thing. Please do not get your friends to sign up on the boards just to vote for a certain sig -_-...
  6. Eon

    Mango's Holiday Signature contest !_!

    Yep! a signature contest! :D Basically, the rules are, keep it a holiday/winter theme, keep it within the ESF size limits, and the pictures/text is your choice. The winner will receive just a lil banner or something declaring they won, and respect. :o No big prize, just for the fun...