1. Skyrider

    EA download manager won't start.

    Anyone here has experience with EA download manager? It refuses to start for me. Currently using WinXP and I re-installed it twice from different URL's (including the official one). When ever I launch EA Download Manager it just won't start. I see nothing in the task manager, nor anything pops...
  2. M

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced

  3. Dzamija

    Virus disabled my task manager.

    Alright, I got a virus, and through a bit of a hassle AVG successfully removed it. However, it seems that the virus managed to disable my Task Manager in my account. It works in the administrator, though. Any idea how I can turn it back on?
  4. K

    Username and Password Manager

    I was wondering if there was a program that keeps track of all your usernames, for each site that you log on to, and the correct passwords for each one. I have about 5 or 6 diffrent passwords on a few sites, and i want to keep track of it all.
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Help with Task Manager

    hey, um, when i press alt ctrl delete, its stuck on cpu usage, and theres no buttonst o click, how do i revert it back to applications?
  6. F

    Changing my default download manager

    How do you change your default download manager? I want to use my netscape one again but it's not working :( Because I uninstalled DAP, and now because of that, it wants to download with DAP, but it can't find it causing errors :(
  7. M

    ESFStuff now has a upload manager.

    Hey all. i yought that he most of you proberly don`t know it yet so i will post it here... ESFStuff now has a upload manager so you can upload your files via that script if you want. For the ESF Team:: The basic reason that i have added a upload manager to the site is that i got sick...
  8. We$$ide

    Background esf_gottepalast?????

    is there a background for the map esf_gottespalast o_o
  9. Hibiki

    i need

    pics of auron from ffx... the more the better... i got a few but i need some more
  10. B

    Spin Manager m8 :*(

    MAN I IDLE YOU SO MUCH. i love much i always always using adobe and flash and i have a few questions to ask m8 if ya dont mind a) How old Are you, it mite not be too l8 for me to catch up :p b) What did u make your website in? c) What programs do u make sigs in? d)...
  11. K

    hey spin sig manager

    hey dood can u make me a bebi vegeta sig with 2 different forms on each side and make ssj4 goku in the middle power in up and if possible in the back of goku make it kind of ghostish lettering put either Kai-TekDroid1.0 or Kai-TekDroid2.0 thx can u also host them for me