1. Hellion_Blade

    Ki management, transformations and how they affect different characters

    Some of these questions may have come up in previous suggestion threads ,however, I would like to know more. At work last night I was thinking about the way ki management will change relative to transformations. We all know the current release makes ki management easier while transformed and...
  2. Hellion_Blade

    suppressing ki for easier ki management?

    Sounds like a fun idea. Main points: lower your PL so you use less ki. This makes ki more expendable, like when your ssj in 1.2.3. keep other players from knowing how powerful you really are. Details: - a button on the keyboard will allow you to lower your PL down to less than what you'd...
  3. E

    PL management idea...

    Heres the thing, after you've played in a server for a while its natural for your PL to increase especially if you're dominating. But when one of your friends/rivals joins you want to fight them on an even level but you don't want to give up all that PL you've earned to put into your trans...
  4. Hash

    This Kid Needs Anger Management

    Yet another video of some poor soul who is way to serious about video games. It's from ebaums world, so maybe you've all seen it, who knows. It's funny anyways. I have no idea what he is saying though, anyone happen to understand him?
  5. C

    Ki Management Ideas

    I know this isn't popular from the start, but I'll explain what I've been thinking recently, and why I believe this is a good idea. Make ki charge slower (Teleport and/or swoop), block, and turbo cost slightly less ki Make (turbo + recharge) gain ki back more quickly Leaving a lot open...
  6. Z

    anger management :p

    Ok, I have an idea for the anger idea, basically run it exactly the same way you have limit breaks in FFVII, when you hit a limit (anger) break, because you are getting the crap beaten outta ya or something, you get a certain bonus - for eg. Gohan/Trunks get temp speed/strengh bonuses...
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