1. E

    Why are u guys makeing skins when we con't get em

    if u wanna make skins 2 show off eg: hear i have just made a new gohan skill hear it is and it look kool but we cont get it so Plz make links so we can download em. thank u
  2. Ã

    look wat i am makeing

    tell me if u like
  3. T

    Gotenks Pack in zip folder?

    *Read topic title* The one I want is only in rar. and I dont wanna dl Winrar so can someone either AIM me at gfxtiger or PM me, or just gimme a link, peace out. PS Id prefer the one made by Bryggz, peace out again :D
  4. T

    just wanting to no

    Douse any one no if theres any new goku skins comeing out like no shirt goku were his shirt is ripped of or any new ones?
  5. Ã

    is there a new models of goke?

    yo is there a new goku u makeing?
  6. |Da|K|

    I Did Something New

    Hey every one i tryed some new stuff out.. is this differnt ?FEEDBACK PLEASE....
  7. C

    makeing a Shortcut with Counter STrike retail

    Hey i got CS retail (i don't have HL) so how do i make a shortcut to my desktop with CS??? Thnx alot!!! BTW this would also help cuase i dunno how to in The specialist game either! ;/
  8. fatmanterror

    SSJ Armored Trunks

    i figured id just make my ussj trunks into an ssj trunks too, i still need to remap some areas of the gloves, but other than that im almost done, what do yall think so far? SSJ Armored Trunks and here is my progress on my ussj trunks USSJ Trunks
  9. S

    noob needs help

    i'm a bit of a noob and im makeing a map and well 1 i can't make sky how do you do that with worldcraft? and how do i compile my map to bsp???
  10. S

    Skin help

    does anyone know where i can learn to skin and what programs to skin with. *EDIT* And I was wondering if anyone could help me by telling me where to find learning stuff on makeing game maps and then putting textures on them.
  11. Akhkaru

    Makeing New DBZ game

    I'm getting this cool program that I can make games in, So I'm gonna make a Direct3D/OpenGL Compliant and with unlimited map size, so reply with thoughts! I will also make it TC (total conversion) compliant, also with minor mods too, half-life mod support, Quake 1, 2, and 3 mod support. It is...
  12. OneWingedAngel

    Makeing .ms3d a .mdl format!

    Does anyone know how to make a .ms3d model into .mdl format. (ie: i had the model notdone in milkshape and i was working on it but when i was finished i couldn't use it in ESF because it was in .ms3d format! how can i change it to a .mdl format?) someone please...