1. Dzamija

    Iron mother****ing maiden

    Just came back from their gig in Belgrade. Wow......just...WOW. ****ing WOW. I have NEVER seen a better band live, or a better crowd. The 20 or so minutes when they played Fear of the Dark, Run to the Hills and Hallowed Be Thy Name one after the other, I felt like I was in heaven. God......I'd...
  2. Kaination

    Best Iron Maiden song?

    Long story short, I'm doing a presentation this friday for my Piano class, and I chose to research Iron Maiden. At the beginning or end, I need to play a song by them. Which should I play? I was thinking Phantom of the Opera, Run to the Hills, or Number of the Beast. edit: to clarify, I need...
  3. Phobius

    IRON MAIDEN!!!!!

    Well just got back from the Iron Maiden concert which was freaking awesome they did the somewhere back in time world tour and their last stop was Toronto, Ontario, Canada which I got awesome tickets to go see they played everything pretty much did all their good songs from The Number of the...
  4. SA_Gohan

    battle maiden

    Behold my own entry for Cgchat's competition this month, all modelled and textured (for the most part). It was rigged too, but I managed to mess that up before during uvmapping >>; I already know the texturing is bad in general, and especially so on the metal and clothing, and the entire...