1. Baaja

    Original Half-Life available on Mac!

    Okey, this is interesting as I am a Mac user. I've already started up Steam and downloading it. However, what would this mean for mods? I know that e.g. NNK uses it's own DLLs, however would it be difficult to support these mods on Mac? As I just started running a NNK server on my white...
  2. Nemix

    Install Mac OS on a Desktop PC

    Is that possible? If yes please help me to do it. :D
  3. B

    My sisters new mac.

    Hey. My sister just got an apple, and I have a few questions for apple users (because I don't use them). But, how do I find out the specs of the computer? Also, even though my Mom paid for this computer, the school still 'owns' it, which I personally find retarded. Jill, my sister, doesn't...
  4. Barney

    Steam on Mac? Yes please! Just downloaded steam on my Mac and installing TF2 as we speak. This is going to change my life forever. I don't need my partition anymore! Hell, I don't need windows anymore!!!
  5. M

    Bernie Mac deceased

    via TMZ
  6. Zeonix

    Share Your Mac Horror Stories

    As suggested by Pride, share your Mac horror stories o_O.
  7. Tsunami

    XP on the new intel mac those guys won money for that.......rawr
  8. DiebytheSword

    Mac OS-X Rwnt. Aww, looks like Macintosh isn't as secure as people thought. It's as I've always suspected, not enough people hack the platform to find ze bullstuff. Looks like Jobs.Gibson = full of holes.
  9. Rayne

    Need Mac apps.

    Does anyone know of a good windows emulator for macs? Something i might be able to use to play esf mayb. Also i need some kind of mac equivalent of virtualdub. Anyone have something like this?
  10. Suh Dude

    Emulate Mac OX Tiger

    I found a sweet tutorial for those who wanted to emulate their Windows XP to Mac OX Tiger. This is all legimate and there is no cracking or wares. Kinda Cool acually, though I just wanted the mouse pointers.
  11. Suh Dude

    Windows Vista VS Mac OS X Tiger

    Which do you perfer? Windows Vista is going to compete with the Mac OS Tiger somehow, and yet they have some features that are better and bad. I personally tried them both even with the beta and it's pretty good, but I perfer Vista more than the Mac OS. It's okay but it's good for like web...
  12. imkongkong

    PC vs MAC

    please only reply if you know your computer jizz and have had experience with both systems =) anyways please state which one is a better buy and why
  13. Gama

    Mac duck EVIL

    he is evil tsk tsk made me laugh a bit prob old on these forums tho and everyone seen it before *EDIT* WTF i posted this in off topic how did it get in ESFChat
  14. Super Bolt V2

    Mac God bless mac's rofl
  15. Goten-son

    Halarious mac video

    well if your a mac hater like me (even if your not one) this video is soooo funny i thought i would share it, even though im sure a lot of you have seen this already but its still funny.
  16. Naz

    Pro: LotT

    Heavily inspired by Lord of the Trance - Tiësto crits comments etc are welcome grtz Naz edit: color is yet to be defined
  17. M

    Windows and Mac (Old, but fun!)

    Windows RG (really good edition): Windows RG This site is even better! Mac 8.0?
  18. greentaco


    Just thought I'd post some art up... I'm currently helping the Interactive Media II (advanced) class out (I'm in Interactive Media I) with an art network site that they're making. I made a design, and although I'm not sure if they're going to go with it, I think it's pretty cool...