1. F

    some new modles for esf mabey

    i would like some modles for esf like brolli,bebi vegiets and mabey for the charactors to have 3 trans formations ..for example ss3 goku . it would also be cool if you put fusions on the team battles! that would be awsome! :fight:
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    um mabey to simple

    i wanted to put like a mickey mouse shaped icon box in but didnt and ended up with this. mabey a bit to simple i need some type of designs but i cant figure out where to put them
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Head Like A Hole

    Collaboration between myself and my friend bobby(
  4. Marauder


    hi i made a new one :P but this time i need u ppl to suggest what to add to it...imean, hpotoshop wise :D hope someone could help me ^_^
  5. N

    Future Trunks Wallpaper

    Does anyone have time to make a future trunks wallpaper?? I've found this trunks pic which I think is quite nice...maybe you guys can use this to make the wallpaper...or you guys will find some pics even better then this one...I donno
  6. A


    uh ... all u greedy *******s who wanna use AzN's innocence to get his models , try ot understand ... if he wanted to release them as individuals he would do it already dont u think ? so get off his back u stupid noobs and let him work peacfully ( love u AzN ) and besides , its much...
  7. K

    Teams, colour's mabey?

    i don't know about u but i find it really hard in a team battle to tell the difference between teams, espcaly when there are 2 of the same class. could you make it so they glow Red and Blue or something? coz i don't know how else you CAN tell the difference, you know?