1. L

    [ : -LynX- DesignZ : ]

    ok well i used 2 have an account here along time ago, and i cant remember my username / pw so i made a new account :) just thought id say hi. and id like 2 show you some of my work a few of you might know me and others not :) here is just a few images i have made in the recent months 3D...
  2. Snow

    Lynx is just plain mean.

    Ok I have seen many people say lynx is and ass or whatever, let me break it down he is just plain mean dont take anything he say offencive it is just his personality, i tired of pple saying he is mean and what not. He will proly be meaner for the next few days/week if you need to know ask him. I...
  3. L

    Lynx's Signature Thread!

    Ok, I just have 1 thing to ask of everyone that view's this thread. Please! If you dont have anything good to say to one another then dont speak. Simply because I dont want my thread closed. Thanks. Here are the sig's I have made. The guy that wanted this said to "put anything in the sig"...
  4. L

    Lynx's Signature Thread

    Ok ill post my old work then my new work, Hope everyone enjoy's and critz my work. Thanks. Old. New. Well these are all the sig's I have up to date. Let me know what you think and I hope ill have a few more sig's by the end of today.
  5. L

    Lynx's Sig Thread

    Ok Ill be posting my work as they come, But for right now I made these 2 sig's. Critz please. Thanks. Sig 1. Sig2. Well let me know what you think, And keep checking back for more work. Thanks.
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