1. S

    Looking for high lvl esf match vids.

    I'm looking for match vids of higher lvl players. I tried youtube but most of it is people just playing for the flash and don't know much about the game. Anyway I'm trying to get a friend into the game abd I'd like to show him how a GOOD match plays out. Anyone know where I can find something?
  2. S

    Power lvl reader?

    Hello i seen this in some screen shots of ESF and i would like to know how to bring it up ingame. its the thing that raditz, nappa and vageta used to find the power lvls of the DBZ fighters. the little white eye piece with a green visor to see power lvls??
  3. C

    What lvl can you get to? lvl 16 is one of the hardest imo..and its where im stuck at now..=\ edit: im on 19 now :D
  4. S

    power lvl

    :shocked: how do set someones powerlvl in console :shocked:
  5. §lipKnot

    Seting Power LvL's

    okay ESF sould make it so they give people to have right to set power lvls like u can set it so every one starts out as ssj or ssj2 they shouldnt be able to set it to 0 or some thing they should be able to set it in the game options like how u select the dragon balls or free for all. this is an...
  6. T

    scouters and power lvl's

    alright, well i would like to see scouters more visible so i think this might work alright first off, when you press f9 to bring it up it should appear on charecters that have it.... charecters that have it.... this would be vegita freeza all them suckers and no other chars would be...
  7. Z

    post your grade lvl and gpa

    oh boy this should be interesting. I'm 16, Junior, and i'm currently getting like a 3.0 GPA (basically becasue 9th and 10th i didn't care and got C's, but luckily this year i got a 3.6 last semester and this semester it looks like i'm going to nail that 4.0, 6 weeks left and all steady A's...
  8. D

    Option to change starting Ki lvl

    It seems to me that it can take a long time to get enough kills to be able to transform. I think there should be a setting where you can set how much Ki everyone will start out with when they join. Some times my friends and I dont feel like working up to the transformation and we just want to...
  9. S

    Suggestion on Lowering Power Lvl

    well when you think about it, its not cool to not be able to hide your real power lvl. like trunks in the andriod saga, his pl was 5. if the esf team uses this idea, then id think there has to be a downside and a good side to all of this. Good Side: .Cannot be seen on Scouter .Keeps ppl...
  10. TAz00


    Well the Neo clan just got another new map, Nc_Mario. And the theme is... The Mario Brothers, DuH! Here are some pics...
  11. N

    Power lvl bug

    When I was goku I got to quit a high power level (fighting while in untrasformed mode) and then one of my brothers killed me so I thought that does it and trasformed charged kamahmaha it did not do anything to him nigther din any other attacks and I was inviceble i think the bug stops all...
  12. S

    Power lvl

    i think it woulb be better to acctually take allitle time to power up to your max then to just push t and be there anyone else have any comments?
  13. *HurleyBoy*

    Whats your highest power lvl on ESF?

    In this thread lets hear whats your highest power level you have ever got in ESF? mine was 234,149,745. :talk:
  14. P

    Power Lvl Max

    I have a suggestion about powerlevels. What i think is that each character should have a maximum power possibility at each of his or her stages. Such as gohan for example. When he is normal i think that his powerlevel should only be able to go up to like 15mil(when you dont even see a...
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    which sig?

    which version is better?
  16. MR GUMP!!

    Increasing power lvl by charging atacks

    This Idea came to me when i saw the Raditz vrs picolo+goku episodes, As Goku and picolo charged up thier atacks the scouter recognised it, showing that thier pwr lvl was increasing. I personaly dont think this would be of difficult nature to code, but then again I dont know alot about codeing
  17. SSj Gotenks

    The power lvl bars and stuff on the BEta

    I was lookin at the new pics of the beta ( very sweet) and I noticed on the bottom left there were 4 bars there. I know ones your life, PL, and energy but what is the other one?
  18. Gogeta

    damn nice models

    man i saw the new screenies with all the new animations/models, i gotta say that is DAMN nice work for the esf team. Keep it up! I can't wait till the new version of ESF!!!!!