1. Snowm@n

    Poor Luigi

    Mario allways f***s Luigi's reputation, I hate that ****
  2. wheres_

    Luigi grunge.

    It's just some brushes and a BG from the NSMB site slapped togther. C&C
  3. Robby

    OOoooo Mugen with MArio, Wario, Kamek and Luigi Now, this game looks awesome. Looks fun too. Discuss the video and possible unearth the link... >.>
  4. TeKNiK

    [LPR] Luigi

    Decided to Enter a Low Poly modeling contest at Cgchat. In short, You must redesign a game character with Nintendo DS specs. I added a more detailed description below. Now on to my model. I've basically completed the actual model and I'm working on the uvmap, but here's a quick shot of the...