1. M

    My Lucky Day

    Today, after I came home from Martial Arts training, I decided to take out the trash. When I got to one of the neighborhood's dumpsters, I unveiled about 5 boxes of what seemed to be untouched computer hardware and software. There was a rather large Half-Life 2 box, but unfortunately the game...
  2. 009

    Some times I feel lucky... hehe :p

    Some times I feel lucky... You can post screenshots of something where you feel lucky in esf.. Full Loaded Kamehameha vs a final flash that not was loaded at all xD Have you seen I push 2 kamehame's ? :smile: hehe :laff: my final flash was not loaded.. but what ever :laff...
  3. -Origin

    3dsmax help

    Hey there, I got a question: I'm trying to edit a model in 3dsmax, but I can't import .mdl or .smd files. It wants a proper import module, which I can't find anywhere...... help please?
  4. S

    Sephiroth Almost Comlieted!

    Sephiroth Almost Complieted! Thats right here a pic of my fav person in da world :p i have almost finished him (got to improve the skin and touch up some stuff also am about 40% done with the new anims) i will up load a better pic tonight when i can be botherd to get round to make a...
  5. sexyasian86

    Piccolo Buu!!! ^________^

    here is something for you people that wanted another buu got bored so i decided to make this. here is the buu. :laff: will also be with the site. Credits: Logan [for buu model] ESF fatbuu [for the cape, long white long thing on back] S-Bolt [for the chest armament, white thing around...
  6. ssj999vegeta

    can u make a model for me?

    i need a model done for me (im still learning how 2 model myslef) bcause apparently theres no model iuts mentioned in one of my posts there pm me if u wanna try n make it( if u pm me i will tell u what i want it to look like)
  7. Ranma

    Is Photoshop 7 worth it?

    I have Photoshop 6. I noticed alot of people around here use Photoshop 7. I was wondering is 7 ALOT better then 6? Or are they about the same? What does 7 have that 6 doesn't? EDIT* lol thanks for moving it Firefly, i was going to put it in artwork, but i thought people would considered it...
  8. S

    could some1 ....

    .... make a hole dustructable c00l map for the ALPHA?? cuz master-dorn doesnt want to releas his map (i think). but try make a c00l destructable map (if you guys want offcource). :p
  9. H

    2sigs combined!

    because im just that spiffy... O_O
  10. S

    Free Tutorial Written By Moi

    Hey guys, Me and my friend just finished writing a tutorial. I made it up he just wrote it for me. Here it is, Enjoy! Oh and before I forget, Thanks to Ryoko and [SAS]Orion for hosting this for me :) <-- This is the tut...
  11. E

    Chibi Trunks (WIP)

    Here: tell me what u think so far yes i know the feet are diff colours LOL.....ill sort that out later as its not a proper skin, just coloured teh polygons
  12. N

    My Models

    I've registered ([email protected]!) Milkshape so now I can create models as long as I want... At the moment I'm making Guldo (the short green guy from the Ginyu Force), and I've almost completed him. I only have to make the shoulder padding and the head now, but those are quite detailed, so it takes the...