1. R

    I got banned from forcepit? <.<

    Why did such thing happen? If i did something wrong, it says in your f-pit rules that you warn me once to stop, but i haven't even gotten any warning? <.<
  2. R

    Model sequences? <.<

    Currently, if we use model sequence setting with amxx, it doesnt work.(Like sequence doesnt play) So, is it possible for the ESF Team to do so, that we can make the player model play any sequence we want using amxx? like this doesnt work atm <.<: entity_set_int(id, EV_INT_sequence...
  3. darknavigator

    Nav tried to brush <_< >_>

  4. I

    Not that usefull but could be changed <_<

    Well when you make a head-on with advanced melee a powerstruggle is activated right? Right now it looks kind of unfinished :S so instead of them just standing still untill someone wins you could put a little aura around them, make rocks fly up, make them scream etc basically as if your...