1. N

    ESF 1.3 <3

    ok, This post is not to ask when it will be out ^^ This post is more to tell the team that I am looking really forward to play it :D It really looks awesome, and I think it is funny to watch how the final open beta doesn't give the slightest idea about the new 1.3 ^^ So keep it going...
  2. KidMan

    Kama <3

    This may be a day early, but I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy Birthday! You finally become legal!
  3. Mr. Satans

    Rediscovering Nintendo <3

    The other day I decided to get rid of my PSX + Games, SNES + Games, Game Gear + Games, & Game Boys (Pocket & Color) + Games. I went to a local chain of stores called McVan's Video Games (Buy 'Em, Beat 'Em, Trade 'Em). Armed with about 4 bags of stuff (Including computer games too) I struggled...
  4. U

    PcJoe vs Cucumba || I <3 Hibiki ??? wtf ???

    Which of the two is greener, PcJoedy or Pickleboy Please no green penis jokes. I wanna keep this as kermit as possible. ||-to all hibiki's in the audiance ignore the topic-|| ps. i know ur out to get me :( :tired:
  5. Brim

    Leaving...P.S. I <3 Magush

    So yeah, Magus beat me to the punch...but I too will be leaving for summertime. Don't know how this is going to affect my involvement with fight club seeing as how I will have some limited internet access. But I am leaving for the summer and plan on being back in August, so hopefully I will...