1. M

    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    The Tsuro Thread Status: 100 % Complete Tsuro click image to view sheet Tsuro v2 *BASE POSES* click image to view sheet Tsuro v2 *MOVES* - Super Saiyan 3 Special Ultima Blast *DONE* - Zanko-Ho*DONE* - Omega Bomber *DONE* - Oozaru Fist *DONE* - Oozaru Fist Boost *DONE* -...
  2. M

    Kakashi LSW style.

    Well, doing some hard work on this baby i finaly did it, hes LSW style. Im realy thxful if i get some good C&C thx.. Kick,Punch more jutsus coming soon... later!
  3. Guru_San


    Hey All, LsW Is a new clan that myself and Skira have started, it stands for Legondary Sayain Warriors, We would like to know if there is anyone out there who would like to join LsW? We need a good player with fast connection, or someone that could make up a server for LsW to use and play on...
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